Lucy Vaughters, PA, CCH, MA-T

Specializing in the safe, gentle treatment of chronic physical and emotional disease.


Lucy has over thirty years of medical professional experience, and twenty-five years of homeopathic professional experience. Since 1990, her practice has been devoted almost exclusively to homeopathy. She has earned the trust of countless patients in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. More...


Lucy is licensed in medicine in Washington state as a Physician's Assistant (board-certified for 30 years), and has been board-certified in homeopathy by the Council for Homeopathic Certification since 1996. More...

An effective teacher

Lucy has taught preventative health care and homeopathy classes to college students and community-groups since 1987. She served as adjunct faculty in homeopathic medicine at Bastyr University from 2000-2004, where in addition to regular teaching, she served as a clinical preceptor to 3rd and 4th year ND students. Lucy is founder and director of The Seattle School of Homeopathy, Washington State’s first and only licensed school of homeopathy.

Why Homeopathy?

After over thirty years of study, practice, and use of numerous approaches to health care, I am convinced that homeopathy, when combined with good lifestyle habits, is the single best approach. Homeopathy successfully addresses acute disease, chronic health problems, and, most importantly, disease-prevention. The homeopath takes time to truly listen to the patient and to try to understand the roots of the disease. Homeopathy is used throughout the western world, and hundreds of published scientific studies attest to its efficacy. Learn more...

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