Lucy is one of the most talented and caring physicians I have ever been to. I began seeing her almost a year ago and since then, I have seen a significant amount of improvement in my condition and overall wellbeing. I was diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis and celiac disease two years ago. The symptoms I was experiencing were interfering with my daily activities and were increasingly getting worse.

I had visited numerous doctors, but none of the conventional treatments were working. When I came to Lucy, she took a lot of time understanding my case and was genuinely interested in seeing my health improve. Within the first couple months, I could already see a reduction in my symptoms, both physically and mentally. With my most recent lab work, my inflammatory markers have significantly improved and I am on my way to recovery. I highly recommend anyone suffering from a chronic condition to see Lucy, as she is quite knowledgeable and a highly skilled homeopath!” –M.Z, Medical Student

"I've worked with Lucy since 1997, and over that time we've developed a great collaborative working relationship. She's an intuitive, deep thinker; committed to my care; and willing to persist through the complexities of treating me alongside parallel allopathic treatment. I have a lot of confidence in Lucy. As someone with multiple chronic conditions that I treat through conventional means, I've found homeopathy to be a helpful complementary adjunct to these strategies. It's also been my preferred treatment choice for many health challenges--both acute and chronic--for which conventional medicine offers little."--JK, Mental Health Educator and Program Administrator

Wellness care.

My daughter and I have been going to Lucy for most of our health care for many years, because she always has the best interest of her patients at heart. The thing I appreciate most about her homeopathic medical care is that she is more interested in keeping us healthy than in just treating symptoms and illness. –R.B., Retired business owner

Allergies, Depression, Warts

I have been receiving homeopathic treatment from Lucy for about 20 years, since I was 11 years old. Over the course of my life I have been treated by a number of healers — allopathic physicians, acupuncturists, herbalists — but Lucy has given me the most profound transformation. Not only has she relieved me of allergies, depression and warts, to name a few, she has also given me a perspective on my own health that is invaluable. She educates me at the same time she is treating me with homeopathy — helping me understand what causes my condition, what home remedies might alleviate the symptoms immediately, how I can use diet or lifestyle to improve the condition. I feel empowered at the same time that I feel taken care of. Lucy's approach is truly collaborative; she is very knowledgeable about the strengths of other disciplines and works alongside other types of treatment, such as western medicine, when needed. Lucy is both sharply analytical and deeply intuitive, both of which make her a brilliant and compassionate homeopath.

As an adolescent I had severe food and environmental allergies to corn, refined wheat and airborne allergens. For several years I carefully avoided these foods, but still experienced sneezing, congestion, rashes and itchiness. After receiving a remedy from Lucy, my allergies went away completely, and since that time I have been able to eat anything I want. Depression runs in my family and when I was in my early 20's I had a particularly terrifying and debilitating bout that forced me to take it seriously and get treatment. Lucy supported my difficult decision to go on antidepressants, and throughout the process with my psychiatrist, Lucy assured me that she could also safely treat me with homeopathy, that it was not a choice between homeopathy and antidepressants. Working with Lucy and my psychiatrist, after 6 months I was off antidepressants and have not needed them since.-- C.J., Social Worker

Asthma and eczema

With Lucy's treatment of my asthma and eczema with homeopathic remedies, I have not had to use my inhaler , and my eczema is slowly going away. –EV, recent college graduate and management program trainee

Ongoing healthcare

My wife and I have stayed healthy (out of hospitals and away from drugs) with homeopathy since the early 1980s, and have appreciated Lucy's sensitive, supportive and wonderfully effective care over the years. Even a 10-minute phone conversation with Lucy makes us feel better! In these days of impersonal, assembly-line medical care, Lucy reminds us of what a true physician is — someone who knows and understands you, and takes the time and effort to be there when you need her.-- P.A., writer and bicyclist

Personal growth

Lucy's transformational methods of treatment, along with her unique individual approach, have allowed me to grow in unexpected ways. As a professor, my life demands that I shift patterns quickly and with an answer, so I can help students navigate this world of change. My friends inform me that I reflect a level of balance, adaptability, and happiness. Much of this I attribute to Lucy's amazing skills of homeopathy. I wouldn't do life without her. -- J.B., college professor

Strep throat and ongoing health and wellness care

Lucy has been my family's homeopath for many years. From the beginning, she has been extremely professional, kind, thorough, and an intelligent listener. I recall one time early in my treatment when I had had strep throat two times in succession, and the second time I was in agony — I thought I was going to end up at the hospital again. She gave me a remedy to repeat as needed until I felt better. I did not have to take it long before I could swallow and breathe again; within minutes, I felt the treatment work for me. We highly recommend Lucy as a homeopath we can trust. -- N.G., College writing instructor, and family

Chronic fatigue syndrome.

A year and half ago I developed flu like symptoms; headache and severe exhaustion. The symptoms remained for months. If I did any light activity, I would pay with two or three days of exhaustion and headache. The medical doctors did numerous tests, and could come up with no answers. After 7 months, my condition remained the same and I was also feeling quite depressed about it. Then I saw Lucy Vaughters, and after two months I realized that the symptoms were dissipating. The truth is, I couldn't believe it. I kept waiting for the symptoms to return, but they didn't return . . . After nine months my energy is still back . . . I was fortunate to have been directed to Lucy Vaughters. Her keen perceptions and extensive knowledge of classical homeopathy seem impeccable to me.- - D.J., Retired, US Postal Service

Migraines; Menopausal symptoms

Prior to meeting with Lucy, I was experiencing migraine headaches about 4 times a week, and I was very fatigued. My annual exam revealed that I was also experiencing increasing pre-menopausal symptoms. To help relieve some of these symptoms, I was told I could take more of my migrane medication when needed, and I could start taking another prescription. After hearing that I preferred a more natural approach, my nurse practitioner referred me to Lucy. The initial meeting was very thorough and she was able to identify a remedy to target my issues. Three weeks after my appointment, I noticed that I had more energy and I was not getting migraine headaches. I am so satisfied with Lucy's approach and the results that I have referred other family members and friends.-- S.P., a stay-at-home Mom