Why Homeopathy?

After over thirty years of study, practice, and use of numerous approaches to health care, I am convinced that homeopathy, when combined with good lifestyle habits, is the single best approach. Homeopathy successfully addresses acute disease, chronic health problems, and, most importantly, disease-prevention. The homeopath takes time to truly listen to the patient and to try to understand the roots of the disease.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy was described by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700’s, who noted that substances have the power to cure those symptoms they can cause (“The Law of Similars”)—once they are rendered non-toxic by homeopathic pharmaceutical methods. Hahnemann observed that disease resides in the whole person, not merely in an organ, and thus the disease-process must be cured in the whole person (Holistic Medicine), if cure is to be deep and lasting. He noted that medicines cannot be selected routinely or based on dogma, but must always be individualized to fit the patient as his or her symptoms are uniquely manifesting (“Individualization”). Hahnemann advocated use of the smallest dose which can set healing in motion in the patient’s own immune system (“The Minimum Dose”). He also advocated appropriate hygienic measures—diet, exercise, fresh air, and habits of thought and relationship—which are health-promoting, in order to truly eliminate disease. Homeopathy is used throughout the western world, and is especially popular in France, Germany, India, and England (where the physician to the royal family is a homeopath). Hundreds of published scientific studies attest to its efficacy.